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St George's CE Primary School

Business and Pecuniary Interests

Full Name Date of Appt Term of Office Date Ceased Appointing / Elective Body Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (with staff / governors
Mrs Gillian Buxton 22/11/17 4   St George's PCC      
Mrs Denise Dean 01/06/18 4   Diocesan Board     Related to Sonia Smith (CSMG Chair) - sister
Mr David Smith 01/06/18 4   St George's PCC      
Mrs Sonia Smith 20/10/16 4   St George's PCC     Related to Denise Dean (Vice Chair) - sister.
Mrs June Crook 01/04/18 4   Local Authority      
Mrs Emily Edwards 22/01/18 4   St George's PCC      
Miss Emma Holt 18/03/19 4   Staff     Full-time staff member
Mr Philip Ivory 01/04/15 n/a   Ex-offico       Headteacher
Mr Jonathan Lever 01/03/16 4   Foundation      
 Mrs Tracey Bailey  14/02/18  4    Parent      
Mrs Georgina James  16/03/2020  4   Co-Opted      
Vicar Carol Pharaoh  01/02/19  4    Ex-officio (temporary)   Ex-officio at St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School (Westhoughton)  
Mrs Rebecca Harrison 01/10/2020 4   Parent