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School Council

School Council Representatives 2023-2024

2023 – 24 School Council Meeting 1


Wednesday 4th October 2023




  • Introductions (game)

*Staff and school council reps introduced

*PTA representative- Mrs Hampson present

*SC explained that Chair and Vice Chair (Alice and Sean) will take a lead role on setting the agenda and writing meeting minutes


  • Introduce motto ‘Your voice matters’

*SC outlined and discussed the role school council and the importance of their voice in improving the school


  • Snack of choice for meetings

*Mini Maryland


*Ginger biscuits

*Cake- cupcakes







  • Badges

*School Council badges handed out by Callen

*LH explained that children are to wear it on their uniform as a public



  • School Council Board – speech bubble introductions

*School Council Reps recorded the following-

-Their name

-Their class

-Their likes/interests

-Their hopes and ideas for improving the school and raising standards



  • This half term’s focus: Playtimes

*Mrs Hampson outlined the PTA’s intention to use some of the funds raised from the next Donut Disco to buy some new playground equipment.



  • Quick decision on Children in Need

*Spotty/colourful/Pudsey themed clothes

*£1 donation


  • 50 things list

*Mollie outlined the ’50 things’ list

*Assembly already been delivered

*PTA have sent a letter and are buying passports.

*PTA may provide a contribution to one of the events


  • Any Other Business

Preparation Required:


  • Photos of school council from KF  (LH)
  • Source Badges (LH)
  • Speech Bubbles –botanical theme (SC)
  • Buy squash and party rings



2023 – 24 School Council Meeting 2


Thursday 1st February 2024


  • Re-introduce this year’s focus for School Council- Improving Playtimes


  • Snack of choice and drink provided-

*Mini Maryland cookies and party rings


  • Provide School Council Reps with slips to take back to class where children can record their ideas about playtimes –

    *What do you enjoy about playtimes?

    *What worries/upsets/frustrates/annoys you about playtimes?

    *How could playtimes be improved?

Discuss as a group.


  • Based on the children’s responses it was agreed that the following areas would be further explored as a council-


*Playground Rules

*Playground Leaders

*Playground Buddies

*Playground Equipment


  • Agree on next School Council date to meet.


Preparation Required:

*Pupil Voice Sheets

*Snack and drink


After meeting-

Email Staff

Collect pupil voice sheets

Update display